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Rural & Migrant Ministry of Oswego County, Inc.


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This first column gives a little history of the site and our services:

February 2004
Column #2

According to Richland Hamlet Historian, George Widrig, the home that now houses Rural and Migrant Ministry of Oswego County was built by Draper H. Stewart circa 1894 for his wife, Marie Mellen. Stewart was a conductor on the New York Central Railroad. This stately home boasts finely crafted woodwork and beautiful fireplace tiles imported from Holland.

Over the years many families lived in this lovely home. In 1983, Father Ray McVey, Founder of Unity Acres, purchased the house and established it as the Richland Family Center, a drop-in and assistance center for the people of the Richland area. When the three founding Sisters of the Rural and Migrant Ministry (RMMOC) were looking for a site for their services, Marge McWilliams, who directed the Richland Family Center, offered them the then-unused second floor. With volunteer help, the Sisters repaired, painted and furnished the second floor rooms in time for an open house in October 2000. Approximately a year later, the entire building became available to RMMOC.

Rural and Migrant Ministry is a small, not-for-profit human service agency that responds, without charge, to the needs of people who themselves seek our help or who are referred to us. We provide primary health care for those who do not have medical insurance, health and wellness education, a twice a week after school foundational and enrichment program for children, a bimonthly womens social group, and family counseling by appointment at your home or at our Center. We support people in their efforts to become self-sufficient and agents of their own development.

A voluntary Board directs RMMOC; several professional and paraprofessional volunteers assist the three staff persons. In future columns we will introduce them to you. Please call us at 298-1154 if you wish to receive our newsletter that we mail/e-mail three times a year. RMMOC is open Monday through Friday from 10:30AM to 5:00PM. Medical Clinic is Wednesdays from 6 to 8PM. An appointment is not needed but please call to be sure our medical personnel are present.

This ministry is blessed and supported by prayer and donations.

Charlene Cole
Administrative Coordinator

This column talks about the Women's Group and the upcoming events. Everyone is welcome.

March 2004
Column #3

The Womens Social Group at the Rural and Migrant Ministry is an opportunity for women of this community to enjoy a few hours "out of the house" in conversation and companionship with others. Programs run the gamut from just plain relaxing to crafts to educational activities. In warmer weather we plan to take field trips to interesting places and to performances.

This group meets every other Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. The programs offered during February focused on nutrition: Controlling Your Weight through Healthy Eating" presented by Aleata Leete, RN, a volunteer nurse in our Medical Clinic and Eating Wisely presented by Marjorie Storrs from Cooperative Extension.

Aleata's program included a suggested grocery list, meal planning for people with diabetes, importance of water to good health, meal plans, heart healthy recipes, fast, delicious and nutritious meals and tips when dining out.

Marjorie's program consisted of dietary guidelines, four steps to food safety, and serving sizes for adults. A Hearty Master Mix recipe (homemade baking mix) was given to all with a recipe booklet. The Master Mix can be kept in the refrigerator for up to six months and is a great time saver when making muffins, breads, pancakes, breads and cakes. During the program the women made peanut butter cookies with the mix.

Upcoming Womens Social Group Events 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Special program, Thursday, March 4: A Fun Time with Students from Boston College. The women and students will enjoy craft-making and playing table games.

Tuesday, March 9 Decorating a Grape Vine Wreath for Easter with Marilyn Gray;

Tuesday, March 23 Domestic Violence -- Signs, Services and Prevention by Stephanie Noel from SAF.

These programs are open to all women. Bring a friend. Sign up is not required. Refreshments are served.

Charlene Cole coordinates the Womens Group. For more information please call 298-1154.

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